Shen-Long Belvedere
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Shen Long Belvedere is the younger twin brother of Shin Lu.

Appearance Edit

Shen Long bears a close resemblance to his sister. He has long platinum hair that he keeps in a single braid down his back except for some fringe. He has brown eyes unlike his sisters green. He also has pale skin like her. He is also usually seen frowning.

Personality Edit

Shen Long is a battle hardend boy who will not hesitate to take down any of his enemies. He is very tactful and knows many battle stragagies. He is very overprotective of his sister, and will go into a blind rage should anything happen to her, as seen in episode 3.

Due to his sisters crush, he has a low opinion of Kai.

Relationships Edit

Shin-Lu Belvedere Edit

Shen Long's older sister. He is fiercely