Shin-Lu Belvedere
Vital statistics
Title Shen-Long's little sister
Gender Female
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Status Comatose (Temporary)


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Shin Lu Belvedere is Shen-Long's older twin sister. After the events of episode 3 she was rendered unconscious in a comatose state.

Appearance Edit

Shin-Lu has pale white skin, and platinum blond hair that is pulled into two pigtails with two scrunchies and round pink earrings. She has green eyes. She formerly wore a white jacket that went down to a little bit above her knees with a white belt and a gold buckle. She had a dark blue shirt underneath.

Personality Edit

Shin Lu is very outgoing,adventurous and prideful. She is also very tactful when backed into a corner against her enemies. She is also very close to her brother, have a physic connection to him. She also has a crush on Kai.